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BAYFERROX® Powdered inorganic pigments based on synthetic iron oxides
Shades: red, black, brown, yellow, ocher
COLORTHERM® „Powdered inorganic pigments
Shades: red, black, brown, yellow, ocher, green”
TRONOX® White powder pigments containing titanium oxide
Rutile types (the chloride manufacturing process)
HEUCODUR® Special inorganic powder pigments based on various metal oxides Heubach
ADHESIVES Description Producer
CIMENT FONDU® Aluminous cement, hydraulic binder with a high aluminum oxide content Kerneos
TERNAL® Aluminous cement, hydraulic binder with a high aluminum oxide content Kerneos
VINNAPAS® Dispersion powders vac / a, vac / e / and another for dry mortar and plaster mixtures Wacker Chemie AG
VINNAPAS® Water-based polymer dispersion S / A, vac / e, l / e / vc, vac / e / vc, …. Wacker Chemie AG
OSAKRYL® Water-based acrylic, styrene-acrylate, vinyl acetate copolymers Synthos S.A.
SYNEXIL ® Water-based polymer dispersion vac, copolymers, homopolymers Synthos S.A.
PERGUT® Chlorinated rubber Bayer Sp. z o.o.
CELLULOSE Description Producer
MECELLOSE® FMC, PMC , EXL Cellulose ethers (HPMC), modified water-soluble cellulose derivative for improving and regulating water retention, improve rheological properties, increasing the thixotropy Samsung Fine Chemicals Co.,Ltd.
NATURAL FIBRE Description Producer
TECHNOCEL® Cellulose fibers for dry mortar and plaster mixtures, construction adhesives CFF GmbH & Co.KG
POLYPROPYLENE FIBRE Description Producer
ALP FIX® PP microfiber preventing the formation of microcracks in the hydration process of concrete mixtures ALPINA Polymers GmbH
ALP FIX® KRAFT PP macrofibre increasing strength and stress parameters of concrete screeds ALPINA Polymers GmbH
DEFOAMERS Description Producer
PERAMIN® DEFOAM Powder defoamer, mixture of hydrophobic esters for self-leveling and grouting mixtures Peramin AB
AGITAN® P Powder defoamer for leveling and grouting Münzing
PLASTIFICATORS Description Producer
PERAMIN® CONPAC Powdered superplasticizer (polycarboxylate ether) for self-leveling com- pounds, grouts Peramin AB
PERAMIN® SMF „Powdered superplasticizer (melamine formaldehyde resin) for self-leveling
compounds, grouts”
Peramin AB
PERAMIN® SRA Powder additive to prevent shrinkage Peramin AB
RHEOLOGY ADDITIVES Description Producer
PERAMIN® RHC Powder rheological additive Peramin AB
RUCOSIL® Silicone binders, hydrophobic additives, wax emulsions, and defoamers RUDOLF GmbH
RUCOSAN® Waterborne and solvent impregnation, microemulsions, creams and anti- graffiti coatings RUDOLF GmbH
RUCOTEC® Water-borne and solvent-fluoro silicone impregnation RUDOLF GmbH
RUCOMIN® Powder defoamers and hydrophobic additives RUDOLF GmbH
RETARDER Description Producer
TARTARIC ACID Tartaric acid for self-leveling compounds
ACCELERATOR Description Producer
PERAMIN® AXL Accelerator for self-leveling compounds Peramin AB
BIOCIDAL PRODUCTS Description Producer
PREVENTOL® Biocidal products for water-based and synthetic paints, industrial water treatment, conservation products for construction LANXESS
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